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Retro Classics 1988 Cunningham Racer 22C Coaster

Cork backed coaster from Bike Ninja to upgrade your drinking experience!
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Retro Classics 1988 Cunningham Racer 22C Mug

We all wish we could have our time again and get what we all lusted after back then but until the right one comes up on eBay you can at least show your love by drinking from this fine vessel! We will be adding to this new range but if you don't see what your after just let us know and we can make it happen.
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Retro Classics – 1988 CUNNINGHAM RACER T-SHIRT

A student in mechanical and aeronautical engineering and one of the founders of Wilderness Trail bikes or WTB, Charlie Cunningham was a mountain bike pioneer who valued nimbleness and gear selection. He designed and built his first mountain bike in 1979, choosing to experiment with custom components and lightweight heat treated aluminum when bikes of the time traditionally used steel. Cunningham made bikes were rare (only about 200 made) and one of these Racer models would have set you back a mind boggling $4200 in 1980s money (about four times the price of Bridgestone’s MB-1). Special thanks to The Pros Closet for the information and original photography.