Marin Heritage Range

Marin County California is synonymous with Mountain Biking right from the start and considered the birthplace of mountain bike culture, and home to many of the people and places that have shaped the sport.  Marin Bikes was founded in 1986 during this early time for the sport and its early offering of bikes such as the Madrone Trail helped make Marin a dominate name throughout the 90’s and 2000’s.  Marin has often been at the forefront in developing innovative, competitive bikes and was the industry’s first mass-produced titanium mountain bikes with the 1988 Marin Team Titanium.  One of the highlights of this advancement was the stunning 1993 Marin Titanium FRS which used Manitou suspension to create a unique full suspension bike.

Marin Bikes will mean lots of things to whoever you speak to but for me its the model names taken from iconic landmarks of Marin County: Muirwoods, Bolinas Ridge, Pine Mountain, Indian Fire Trail, Eldridge Grade and Hidden Canyon. Also the early 90’s iconic colour schemes with charcoal grey and anodised frames with brightly coloured fork, stem and decals.

Marin Heritage Gallery